5 Ways to Calm Down When Anxious or Stressed

We all get stressed and anxious from time to time, some of us, a bit more than others and that’s okay. Life can get stressful and we have to find ways to manage that stress and don’t stress to take over our life. That’s why we have put together 5 ways to help you calm down when needed.

1. Breathe

Breathing is an extremely effective technique when it comes to reducing anxiety and stress quickly!

When we are anxious or stressed we tend to take quick and shallow breaths which often trigger our fight-or-flight response. A similar situation would be going to war! Our brain thinks that we are in danger when we breath too fast and that’s why stress can save our lives when it comes that.

Taking long and deep breaths does the opposite and sends messages to your brain saying that you are safe and it is time to relax and calm down.

There are a lot of different breathing techniques you could try and see which is one feels best for you.

Practice makes best! The more you practice, the easier will be to manage your breathing during a stressful situation.

2. Challenge your thoughts.

A huge part of our anxiety and stress comes from our automatic negative thoughts that go through our brain when we are about to face a stressful situation. We tend to create the worst-case-scenario in our brain and tell ourselves “what if… this happens”?

Next time you come across a stressful situation like that, try to focus on what is going on inside your head. Try to listen to this negative thoughts and challenge them.

Ask yourself some of the following questions or modify them to your scenario at hand.

  • Is this really going to happen?
  • Has this happened to me before?
  • Even if it happens, what is the worst thing that could happen?
  • Would I be able to survive if it happens?

After you logically and positively answer this questions, you will be able to face the situation with a brighter perspective.

3. Release it.

Sometimes there is so much tension in brain and body that we feel we can’t control anything. A great way to feel better is try to release all these feelings/emotion by doing an activity.

Some people go for long walks or runs, most people use the gym as their therapist. Try to exercise for 30 minutes before a stressful situation and witness the magic of letting go.

4. Listen to music.

Put your headphones on or turn the volume up in your bedroom/living room and listen to your favorite music! Listening to music that we like tends to make us feel better and less stressed (Extra points for dancing in your living room).

5. Talk about it.

Talking to someone outside of the situation may help you see things from a different perspective find a solution to the problem. 

Social support from your loved ones and people you trust can help you get through stressful times.

If you don’t think you can discuss the problem with anyone you know, you can call a confidential telephone counselling service.

Visit our Help page to find support services in your region.

Do you have another way to help you calm down and relax? If so feel free to share it in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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