Open Up October 2021

Find out ways to get involved and help us eliminate mental health stigma.

5 Ways to Calm Down When Anxious or Stressed

We all get stressed and anxious from time to time, some of us, a bit more than others and that’s okay. Life can get stressful and we have to find ways to manage that stress and don’t stress to take over our life. That’s why we have put together 5 ways to help you calm down when needed.

Find Support

We have created a comprehensive list with support services from all around the globe.

Open Up October is a global mental health initiative that prompts people to open up about their mental-wellbeing & eliminate mental health stigma. 🌟

Open Up October 2021 🌟

Help us raise awareness this October. The best way to do so is by posting on your social media accounts! You can download our Social Media Awareness Kit and use the content on your personal pages.

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Are you looking to help a global mental health initiative gain awareness and while you get experience in your field as well? Check out our volunteering page for more information.

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